Farcical Role

Problems with Authority

Feb 4th, 2017

The tournament continues. 

Verlander is intercepted by his Uncle who asks, "Verlander, is that you?" and continues to speak of his mother and his family.  Verlander denies that he is Verlander, instead claiming to be "Ver Vallic".  His Uncle apologizes for the mistake and moves on.

Sēlman, having just defeated another barbarian, (and thinking he won the entire tournament) goes to look for some ale, despite the fact that he doesn't have any money.

Verlander fights a dwarf named Rona Stronghammer, a carver by trade.  Their weapons are inspected and enchanted by Matilda. Verlander defeats him and moves on to the next round.

Nyla and Ezra meet Verlander outside of the preparation tent after the fight.  Starshine catches up with Selman, followed by the rest of the party, and discover that Selman has been stealing food.  Verlander pays off the shop owner, but soon guards approach with the intention of arresting Selman.  Before it gets too far Ezra steps in and offers to pay the fine for Selman.  The guards leave but warn them that they will be keeping an eye on Selman.

While all that was happening, Nyla walks down the stalls and uses her invisible mage hand to steal some purple earrings and a big "championship" ring.

Sēlman fights a monk named Joppa who smells of fish and fights with nothing but his hands (they did not let him fight with his fishing poll).  Sēlman was defeated.

During the fight, Nyla and Ezra notice Matilda storming out of the preparation tent angry.  They approach her and ask what is wrong.  Matilda tells them that she was being paid to enchant the weapons of the fighters so that they will not be deadly.  She was relieved of her duty and told that she was not skilled enough for the job.  Nyla and Ezra jump to the conclusion that someone in power relieved Matilda so they could tamper with the weapons and try to get someone killed.  The two go into the preparation tent and after much searching finally find Verlander and warn him.  After Ezra leaves Nyla gives Verlander a "champion ring" that she stole.

Sēlman, angry after losing the fight, goes back out into the merchant area and continues to take food and drink from store owners as he sees fit.  12 city guards come and surround him.  Sēlman breaks through them and begins running.  Ezra and Starshine, hearing the noice, sprint to try to catch up with the Barbarian and the guards.  Finally catching up, Ezra fires an arrow at Sēlman, hitting him in the leg.  Sēlman attempts to run passed Ezra, but is tripped and quickly knocked out.  Ezra and Starshine accompany the guards to the dungeon with Sēlman.

Meanwhile, Verlander discovers that he will be facing Braum Bastion in his next fight.  He meets with Braum and whispers Ezra and Nyla's suspicions.  Braum stops the fights as they inspect these accusations.  Braum summons Matilda back, she inspects Verlander's sword and while inspecting it the sword falls to dust.  The blade, if it would have hit Braum would have disintegrated him.  With this findings the fights were cancelled.

Verlander leaves, frustrated and not knowing where to go to meet up with his friends.  A man huring past him bumps into him, and glancing back, Verlander realizes that the man look like him.  Almost immiedetaly a lord who introduces himself as Donal Bastion, Broum's younger brother, accuses Verlander of attempting to harm him with a knife and shows him the knife wound.  Verlander explains that he doesn't even have a knife, (he did) but that he would come with them.

At the dungeon, Ezra attempts to reason with the revived Sēlman.  He explains the rules of the city vs the rules of the wild saying that the many are stronger than the one and that one strong man can be defeated by many weaker ones.  He attempts to explain money saying 1 gold piece equals one thing of ale or meat or whatever.  Sēlman reseasons that if he comes back with an army then he will be chief, and that he is strongest of their party so he will take the gold from everyone else, except for Starshine because she is his mate.  While Ezra attempts to correct the mistake, Nyla walks in disguised as Joppa and taunts the cages Sēlman, sending him into a rage and completely forgetting about everything Ezra told him.

At arriving at the dungeon, Verlander convinces the guards to let him keep his armor on (and concealing a silver knife), before putting him in his cell.  The party now together, all-be, two in cells, Verlander explains what happened and what he was accused off.

The free party members leave the dungeons to locate Braum.  After giong up to the castle and being pointed back down to the grounds, they find Braum and tell him what happened to Verlander.  They discuss the possibility of Gergario Valli, Donal Bastion, and (other guy) may be up to something.  Braum gave them a couple options, the most promising being Braum sending someone to meet them that night, release their party members and escort them into a sewer entrance.  The party could escape from there, but hope to find tunnels up into the castle and to discover more information about what is going on in this city. 

Also, Nyla convinces Starshine to go along with the sewer plan by promising "magic showers" whenever Starshine wants.  Ezra and Braum talked about Braum beating up Sēlman in order to prove that he is the strongest, therefore making him officially "chief".




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